About us

Kanadaplus supports international students in British Columbia. We consult with parents/guardians directly and represent them locally, while working in close partnership with school boards. We also advise students and young adults about English language programs and ensure students are placed in suitable homestays or other accommodation. We are available to students and their parents throughout their stay in Canada.

Saskia Volkmann 

Saskia spent many years in South Africa, Germany and England before moving to Canada in 2004. Her children have attended high school in the Canadian school system and have studied at different universities in Canada and Europe. For seven years Saskia worked as a teacher in Vancouver and gained thorough knowledge of the educational system, both from the inside and out: as a teacher, student monitor of international students, and as a mother. The motivation to found Kanadaplus in 2012 stems from her desire to support international students with all their questions throughout their stay, while at the same time communicating closely with their parents/guardians at home. She aims to facilitate an altogether positive experience for students and their families in Canada.

Tobias Volkmann 

Tobias is supporting students part time for Kanadaplus after several years of working as an engeneer. He also manages all issues related to IT. Tobias organised and ran the soccer camps for youth on Bowen Island. As Saskia’s son he is familiar with all issues students face and contributes to the seamless and smooth support for our students.

Werner Volkmann 

As Saskia’s husband, Werner has been supporting Kanadaplus Student Services from the start and manages the accounting. He has been meeting many of the students during visits to their districts or if they come to Bowen Island. And he is always happy to help!