How it Works

The first step is simple: Read the information on the website, focus on the orientation material in particular. Then ask for application forms, fill them out and send them back, with no obligation.  

2. Set a time for a personal interview. During that interview, you can ask all the questions you have about the schools, and life as a host student. This is an important discussion as it will give you a better understanding about whether you are ready to take this step or not. You can, of course, always get back to us with more questions.

3. If you decide to come to Canada, and we feel the high school program is the right fit for flagferry 26-09-2012 5-10-54 PM 4672x3104you, you and your parents will get a checklist of the documents that you need to have for the registration (for example the health forms).
4. After we have received the complete application, it is sent to the school board. It is important to remember application deadlines where applicable: often mid-May for the first semester and mid-October for the second semester/the whole school year. It is always advisable to start the application process early as places fill up.
5. In cooperation with the school boards we now start looking for the appropriate school and host family. As soon as we have found these you will receive information on both your school and your host family.

6. Now your parents need to book the flight. It’s important to book it early enough to be able to participate in the orientation sessions the school boards offer specifically for international students. These sessions last from one to several days and even weeks, depending on the school district. If you need a visa, we will assist your parents in organizing this.

7. Your host family or your Kanadaplus counselor will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your new home. 

8. Your Kanadaplus counselor accompanies you to the information sessions during the orientation time at school. You will also participate in sight seeing excursions. This is an exciting start into your life in Canada, as it you will become familiarised with your area, your school and some of your teachers. More importantly, you will get to know your host family and other international students. The orientation is therefore not only fun, but also allows you to get used to speaking English before you actually start school.

stanleytotem-150x1509. While you are getting used to everything new, your Kanadaplus counselor will support you with all the questions you may have.
10. During your entire stay you can always count on your counselor to support you. She will meet you regularly and phone you up to make sure you are fine. She will represent you at your school and at you homestay. In emergencies you can contact her at any time of the day or night. 
11. Your Kanadaplus counselor keeps your parents updated about your situation at Kanada D2 016school and in your homestay. She also represents you at your home and at school so that any issues can be solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We are therefore available for you as well as your parents.
12. At the end of your stay you will have to say good bye: to your new friends, your host family and your teachers, as well as your counselor.  Either she or your host family will bring you to the airport and help you with the check-in of your luggage.  
Austauschschueler13. When you are back home, you will most likely have a lot to talk about. We would love to hear about your experiences as well, and it would be great if you could send us a short account of your stay or fill out our questionnaire. It is always fascinating to find out how students look back on their adventure here in Canada!
Any questions?  Please contact us: