Nanaimo is situated on the East Coast of Vancouer Island and is known as a relaxing coastal town overlooking the ocean. Its 90 000 inhabitants have direct acces to the sea, surrounding forests and mountains which allow for multiple outdoor activities throughout the year. Shopping, movie theatres and restaurants are all part of the experience in Nanaimo proper. Both Victoria, to the south, as well as the ski area of Mount Washington are 90 minutes away by car and Vancouver is a also 90 minutes away, by ferry.

The high schools of Nanaimo are all designed with spacious sports fields and facilities. They offer an impressive choice of electives and extramural activities often in the fields of music, the arts, and sport. Sports teams are particularly important at many of these schools, and international students are encouraged to join these teams.


Dover Bay Secondary School

Dover Bay Secondary SchoolThis is the biggest of all schools in Nanaimo, and offers a special program in biology, chemistry, IT and history. Wood and metal work, as well as cooking classes are only some examples of possible  electives. Among the extramural clubs students can choose between dance or tour band, as well as the Outdoor Club which offers activities such as hiking, skiing and climbing. Students are also encouraged to join sports teams such as soccer, volleyball, hockey, basketball, track and field, rugby, swimming and golf.
Student number: about 1600

Nanaimo District Secondary School

Nanaimo DIstrict Secondary SchoolThis school offers the regular academic subjets (mathematics, social studies, science and English) along with French Immersion. Students can chose among many electives such as wood and metal work. The school is known for its special  „Hip Hop Dance Programme“. The adjacent swimming pool makes this an attractive choice for swimmers. Rugby, golf , soccer, basketball and volleyball are all part of the extensive sports programme.
Student number: about 1200

John Barsby Secondary School

John Barsby Secondary SchoolApart from the regular academic subjects, mathematics, social studies, science and English, this school offers special dance and cooking classes, as well as jazz, concert and tour bands. Tennis courts form part of spacious sports facilities of the school.
Student number: about 700

Ladysmith Secondary School

Ladysmith Secondary SchoolThis school is in the beautiful coastal town of Ladysmith, 15 minutes away from Nanaimo by car. The village is known for its many heritage buildings which make the main street particularly charming. Apart from the regular academic subjects, mathematics, social studies, science and English, the school offers special dance and musical theatre classes. The school library is technologically very well equipped. Sports facilities include a swimming pool. Students can join the soccer, basketball, volleyball or rugby team. Track and field as well as golf are also on the programme.
Student number: about 850

Wellington Secondary School

Wellington Secondary SchoolThis school is known for its special IT program. It also offers a Jazz Academy and fashion design and photography, along with the standard academic courses (mathematics, social studies, sciences and English). The technological equipment of the school is excellent and it offers film production classes in the video and film studio. Students can join the rowing, rugby or soccer teams. They are also encouraged to take part in the environmental and dance clubs.
Student number: about 850