North Vancouver

The high schools of North Vancouver rank among the best in the public school system and the school district is situated close to the Coastal Mountains and the Burrard Inlet while allowing easy access to downtown Vancouver.  The area is ideal for snowboarding, skiing, hiking or kayaking. There are numerous shopping areas, movie theatres and restaurants in North Vancouver, apart from community centres with swimming pools, an ice rink, and other sports facilities.

There are six high schools in North Vancouver. The school board decides which school international students attend but the students’ school preferences are considered as much as possible. The school district offers special sports (soccer and ice hockey)  arts and digital media programs as well as the „Outdoor School“ (climbing, canoeing etc.). On top of the typical academic subjects, schools offer a wide variety of sports courses that are often seasonal. Music and Arts electives are equally interesting and versatile, and French and Spanish are taught as second languages.


Argyle Secondary School

This school offers a wide range of courses in mathematics, sciences, social studies, the arts as well as economics courses. Argyle also offers the French Immersion Program (some courses taught in French) and a special program for digital Media. Snowboarding, Skiing and soccer reflect the broad range of possibilities as well as after school clubs for those who enjoy leisure activities.
Student number: about 1500

Carson Graham Secondary School

This is also a French Immersion School with an impressive variety of courses in mathematics, social studies and sciences, as well as sports. Cooking and fashion design  range among the many electives and the music program includes concert band, jazz band, choir and dance. Carson Graham also offers the International Baccalaureate. As with many other schools, sport fields are very spacious.
Student number: about 1200

Handsworth Secondary School

On top of the regular academic program including mathematics, sciences, social studies and English, Handsworth offers many after school clubs, among which skiing, swimming, golf, tennis and soccer. There is also a special program  („advanced placement“) for IT – courses and sciences. These are courses for students who are especially interested and academically inclined. Cooking, woodwork, theatre courses range among the electives.
Student number: about 1400

Seycove Secondary School

As all high schools do, this school offers the standard academic courses in mathematics, social studies, English and sciences. Apart from  the special IT-program there are electives including theatre, psychology and more. An outstanding music program includes choir, jazz band and concert band, and the sports program offers the possibility to participate in the Outdoor Education program (climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, canoeing, kayaking).
Student number: about 900

Sutherland Secondary School

This school was recently rebuilt and therefore contains the most modern technological equipment and classrooms. Apart from the usual courses (mathematics, social studies and sciences) the school offers special economics courses. Theatre, music, woodworking, metal work are included in the program as well as many after school clubs.
Student number: about 1000

Windsor Secondary School

This school offers all the standard academic courses (mathematics, social studies, sciences and English). The broad choice of electives includes: choir and concert band, as well as theatre, cooking and sewing classes, IT-courses and woodwork. This school also offers the Hockey and Soccer  Academy for students from all schools in the district.
Student number: about 900