West Vancouver

This area is also situated close to the mountains and the sea and is considered to be one of the most beautiful districts of all. Public transport to down town Vancouver, the close proximity to ski lifts, beaches and community centers with extensive sports facilities make this area particularly attractive.

The high academic standard of the three high schools in West Vancvouer and their broad variety of courses in sports, music and the arts result in their high standing. They are also exceptionally well equipped and offer a range of interesting clubs after school. Among the second languages taught are French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese.


Rockridge Secondary School

Rockridge on the west side of the district offers the regular program mathermatics, sciences, English and social studies as well as the arts. It also offers  Advanced Placement, which is a special challenge for particularly interested and gifted students. The variety of electives is impressive and includes theatre, sewing, cooking as well as fashion design and courses in digital media. The sports fields in front of the school are spacious.
Student number: ca. 850

Sentinel Secondary School

This school offers Advanced Placement and French Immersion (several courses taught in French) and Computer Immersion (special IT courses). A special program for soccer, tennis and ice hockey is also part of the program offered at Senitnel and the choice of electives is vast: sewing, wood work, and many more. Sports facilities are outstanding including tennis courts.
Student number: ca. 1200

West Vancouver Secondary School

This is the biggest of the three schools in West Vancovuer. On top of the regular program in mathematics, social studies, sciences and English, it offers the International Bachalaureat. The view from the spacious sports fields onto the ocean and Vancouver is spectacular and there are numerous electives and after school clubs to chose from, be it in the arts, sports or music. Orchestra, choir, dance, drawing and digital Media are as much part of the program as tennis, soccer, skiing, snowboarding and much more.
Student number: ca. 1500