Why Canada?

The Canadian educational system has a very good reputation when compared internationally, and is a popular choice for high school students from all over the world. They improve their English skills and learn from the intercultural experience. In addition, on the West Coast of Canada, they can also enjoy spectacular nature which allows for exceptional leisure activities straight after school or on weekends.  This combination makes the West Coast a unique and unforgettable experience for international students every year.

Snowboarding, Skiing, kayaking, snow shoeing and hikes – all of this is possible within close proximity of schools in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. In addition, buses and ferries are easy to use in order to get into the city for movies, restaurants or shopping. Schools are very well equipped technologically, the sports facilities are spacious and modern, and the choice of electives is exceptional:  fashion design, photography  wood and metal work are offered along with drama classes, cooking and sewing courses. There is also a wide range of extramural activities for sports, the arts and music. The standard courses Canadians have to take in high school are English, mathematics, social studies and sciences. Some schools offer special English classes for international students to help them integrate and cope with their studies.

The result is that students can experience a vast variety of interesting activities alongside the “normal” school subjects. They learn fluent English and, with the help of their host families,  integrate into a society which is well known for its tolerance and friendliness.